GoogleWill Help Check if you're Clinically Depressed

If you search "depression" or "clinical depression" on Google while on your cellphone, you'll see a Knowledge Panel that will give you the option to tap “check if you’re clinically depressed”, which will bring you to PHQ-9, a clinically validated screening questionnaire to test what your likely level of depression may be. 

Google partnered with National Alliance on Mental Illness to create the test and help bring awareness to mental health.

From Google's Blog

Mental health professionals often refer to major depressive disorder as clinically significant depression or clinical depression. Clinical depression is a treatable condition which can impact many aspects of  a person's life. The PHQ-9 can be the first step to getting a proper diagnosis.

Statistics show that those who have symptoms of depression experience an average of a 6-8 year delay in getting treatment after the onset of symptoms. We believe that awareness of depression can help empower and educate you, enabling quicker access to treatment. And while this tool can help, it’s important to note that PHQ-9 is not meant to act as a singular tool for diagnosis.

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