Kristen Bell Rides Out Irma in Florida with Senior Citizens!

While filming in Florida, actress Kristen Bell was not able to evacuate for Hurriane Irma.  She stayed at a Disney Hotel with several other families including some evacuees from a Senior Citizen Living Home. 

Bell, known as a sweet spirited person with a big heart, is inspiring people all over with her acts of kindness. She set up Bingo nights and wheelchair races for her new friends. She ate with them and even did a performance for those staying at the hotel. 

She even helped rescue Josh Gad's parents and other family living in FL and took them to the hotel to get a room. When he posted about it, she replied Anna Loves Olaf.  If that doesn't make your 'Frozen' heart melt, I don't know what will.

She talked with Jimmy Kimmel about her experience. Watch the clip below and scroll down to see some of her twitter and instagram posts!

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