Man saves toddler in mudslide and credits his deceased son

Ellen welcomed Augie Johnson, who helped firefighters and first responders rescue a toddler in the wake of the mudslides in Montecito.

He tells the story of waking up in the middle of the night and putting on heavy work boots for some reason. He then noticed the mountain start to slide. His home was destroyed, but his family was safe.

His wife and daughter were with him as they clung to the chimney on the roof of the house as mud, rocks, and trees crashed through his home.  He met up with firefighters to check on a neighbor and heard a little cry.

A two-year-old child from half a mile away survived and was rescued by Augie.  Augie's son passed away few years earlier and Augie feels his son lead him to rescue the child and make sure his family was safe.

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