Florida Cops Buy Elderly Man A New Bike After Thieves Stole His Other One


A pair of Florida deputies are being praised for their act of kindness after a man in his 80s reported that somebody had stolen his bicycle. Officer Ken Cody and officer trainee Guang Song from the Cape Coral Police Department responded to the man's home and found out that the stolen bike was his only mode of transportation. After taking a report from the man, who was only identified by his first name, Robert, the two officers decided to help him out.

They drove to a local Walmart where they bought Robert a brand new bike and delivered it to him later that day. The department released the body camera footage of the two officers surprising Robert with the bicycle. They helped him adjust the seat and watched as he took it for a test ride.

The officers promised to continue their investigation to track down the bike thief and gave Robert a bike lock to make sure his new bike isn't stolen.

As the two officers left Robert's home, a neighbor approached and praised them for their good deed.

"You guys are the greatest in the world. I’m almost crying. God bless you.” 


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