Texas Mother Says Teacher Gave Her Son 'Dumb and Dumber' Haircut


A Texas mother is livid after her 16-year-old son came home from school with a haircut that "made him look like Jim Carry in Dumb or Dumber but worse." Lane Kiesling explained that Shelli Stegall, the principal at Hico High School told him that his bangs had gotten too long it needed to be cut.

Lane's mother, Amy Martin, explained that she had attempted to take her son to a barber, but money is tight because they had recently moved and she is suffering from medical problems.

"They told him he needed a haircut and we tried 3 times and failed for various reasons. It's not his fault, it's mine," Martin wrote on Facebook.

A few days later Stegall told Kiesling that a teacher who has a cosmetology license would cut his hair at the end of the school day.

Instead, he was pulled out of his seventh-period class, and the teacher only cut his bangs, sending him back to class with a horrific haircut. Kiesling said that the students mocked him and told his mother he doesn't want to go back to school.

Martin complained to Stegall and she took Lane to a barber where she paid to have his hair cut properly.

Martin also contacted the police, who told her that they would send the school resource officer to take a report. When she asked if an officer not associated with the school could come and fill out the report she was told that was not possible.

After she shared her story on Facebook Hico Police Chief Ronnie Ashmore came to her house to take her statement.

“He was very apologetic,” she told the Stephenville Empire-Tribune. “He had no idea about this situation and couldn’t believe I had called the department three times before anyone responded. I gave him a statement, and we will see what happens.

Martin said that she has contacted an attorney and could file a lawsuit against the school.

“It’s not that we disagree with the rules, but there was a better way to handle this,” she said. “My son has been traumatized. This is a lot for a kid to deal with. He wants to change schools.”

Photo: Facebook


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