High Schooler Unexpectedly Gives Birth During Final Exam

Photo: Getty Images

Taking a test in high school is already a stressful event, especially if it's a final exam, but a recent final was especially taxing for one sophomore because she wound up giving birth during it.

According to Indonesian news site Detikjatim, students at a school in the town of Sampang, Indonesia were concentrating on their final when a commotion broke out. The teacher supervising the test heard the ruckus and explained, "I warned the students to calm down, but they were still noisy and it was followed by the sound of a baby crying." He went over to see what was going on and noticed a student with lots of blood on her and a baby next to her.

The teacher, a male, quickly contacted a female teacher and the school's public relations officer. The student was quickly brought to a hospital in unstable condition since she continued to bleed and her placenta hadn't come out. The new mom went on to need intensive care due to seizures caused by bleeding. Thankfully, the placenta was eventually removed, the student has since improved, and her little baby is now home. Per a midwife familiar with the situation, the student experienced a normal pregnancy of nine months and her baby daughter weighed in at seven pounds.

The birth came as a surprise to the teacher and the girl's family, who said there hadn't been any signs that she was even pregnant. The school later admitted to just thinking the girl was "overweight." No word on the baby's name.

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