National Radio Day: The History of Our Stations


There are 5 total stations that are apart of the iHeartRadio cluster in north Alabama. You have 102.1 WDRM, 100.3 The River, WBHP-AM, 106.1 WTAK, and 106.5 KissFM! Despite that being how you know these stations now, that may not have always been the case. Below is a brief history of all five of our stations throughout the years 

102.1 WDRM 

Today you know WDRM as being "#1 for New Country" but it hasn't always been that way. WDRM started out as WHOS-FM in 1951 but didn't settle in on the 102.1 frequency until 1959 and a little bit later became WDRM. Throughout the late 70's and early 80's WDRM focused on rock by day, urban by night, and even top 40 sprinkled in with an attitude of 'not following the rules'. 

Fast forward to 1984 when WDRM flipped to a country format. Nearly 35 years after switching to country, WDRM is still '#1 for New Country' broadcasting all over north Alabama and south Tennessee. Be sure and listen to Dan&Josie during your mornings, Stuart Langston on your middays, Tige&Daniel while you're killing time in the afternoons or Mason on the nights!


WBHP started out back in 1931 as WBHS (World's Best Hardware Store) before going off air in 1933 due to financial strains of the Great Depression. The station returned to air in 1937 as WBHP (named after longtime owner Wilton "Buster" Harvey Pollard) and played country music all the way up until 1997 when it switched to an all-news format. There was an hour on Sunday's in the 1960's called the "German Hour" that played classical music which catered to Wernher von Braun's German rocket scientist. Now WBHP-AM can be heard on 800/1230AM, 102.5 FM, and 102.1 HD-2 in the Huntsville area. Tune in for Toni&Gary in the mornings, Glenn Beck from 8am to 11am, Dave Ramsey 11am to 2pm, Sean Hannity 2pm to 5pm, and Michael Berry 5pm to 7pm! 

106.1 WTAK

WTAK got it's start on the AM band playing Top 40 hitsvthrough the 70's. WTAK debuted it's new call letters in the 80's on the AM dial as Huntsville's only Rock station and is one of the top rated radio station in the Huntsville Market! The broadcast tower is located on Brindlee Mountain with signal spread all over the central Tennessee Valley. Of course now you can hear WTAK on 106.1.

If you love classic rock, you'll love WTAK! Check out the The Big Show with John Boy and Billy in the mornings, Deano on your midday, Johnny Maze while you're rocking through an afternoon or Big Rig during you night!

100.3 The River (WQRV-FM)

There's a reason "We Play Anything"!  WQRV actually started out as WVNA-FM back in 1962. Just like today, there was a wide variety in the genre's being played ranging from easy listening tunes, rock music, variety and even country music when the call letters changed to WLAY-FM in 2000. 

In 2006 the callsign was changed to WQRV and became the station you know and love today! Along with playing all your favorite tunes; we also have Rick&Bubba during your mornings, John Malone on your middays, and Erich West keeping you company in the afternoons! When football rolls around, be sure and listen in to the Auburn football games every Saturday which this year will also be streaming on and the iHeartRadio app! 


106.5 KissFM (WQRV-HD)

KissFM plays all the newest and biggest hits! Whether you listen at 100.3 HD-2 or you've got it tuned to 106.5 FM, get ready to sing along. Catch The Elvis Duran Morning Show on your drive in, Josie Lane while you're working through your midday, Ryan Seacrest on the ride home in the afternoons, or Billy the Kidd on your nights! Don't forget about DJ Ozone's 'Rocket City Remix' everyday at 5pm! 

As always, thanks for listening!


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