Rocket City Microthon | Sunday, October 18th

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Lace up your running shoes, or dust them off from a year ago, because the Rocket City Microthon is back! The 0.12K race returns to Huntsville on Sunday, October 18.

Yes, 0.12K. Hundreds have enjoyed the fun the last two years at Butler Green at Campus 805, and the event returns there for a third year. It’s 0.12K from the grass at Straight to Ale down to Yellowhammer Brewing, and we hope you can make it the whole way. (Pace yourselves, people.) If you do, you’ll receive a beautiful finisher’s medal (bottle opener), beer tickets, and bragging rights. REGISTER HERE

In all seriousness, proceeds directly benefit the special needs arts program at Merrimack Hall. Happy Performers from Merrimack will perform a dance routine for the crowd at 2 p.m. Then, the race will start, and the performers will also autograph race bibs at the finish line.

Media is welcome – how can you resist such a fun story? This is going to be a great event, packed with smiling people supporting the wonderful performers at Merrimack. It is organized by volunteers, and we’re very thankful to the sponsors who support this unique concept.

The Rocket City Microthon is now in its third year. Lesley and Darryl Burnette came up with this fun idea to support Merrimack, and the events have raised a total of $40,000! The event also honors the memory of their daughter Kate, who adored Merrimack’s programs during her sweet time on this Earth.

We hope to see you at the race! We’ll cheer on the different waves of runners from approximately 2:15 – 3 p.m. REGISTER HERE

More details: searchMicrothonon Instagram and YouTube.